Coaching – Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation.


The Enneagram is a personality system or a diagnostic tool that offers an insight into the deep and underlying psychological motivation of an individual. Understanding your Enneagram type, which explain core personality traits, self-limiting believes and fixations, defence mechanisms and one’s emotional outlook on life would create the opportunity for sustainable and accelerated development and growth.

The Enneagram offers a wide range of application possibilities. It is widely used with individual coaching, providing a method for nurturing greater self-understanding and development. It is a useful guide to understand the different viewpoints of other people. The Enneagram is a shared platform from which stronger greater relationships with others could be cultivated.

The Enneagram is also a popular and helpful tool, used within teams or organisations. It aids in building integrated and more effective teams, increasing performance through greater collaboration. On an organisational level, the versatility of the Enneagram is applied in leadership development and helping organisations deal with change and transformation.


The iEQ9 Enneagram Test and Professional Report, is the most accurate and technically robust Enneagram assessment tool available. It provide the most comprehensive Enneagram profile, which includes the following elements:

  • 27 Subtypes (Naranjo)
  • Wings
  • Levels of Integration
  • 6 Dimensions of Stress and Strain,
  • The centers of expression (thinking, feeling and action)

The Enneagram Team report integrate the iEQ9 reports of the various individuals in a team. The report scales the insights and development process to a team level and include:

  • Team centres of expression
  • Enneagram team style and values
  • Enneagram style impact on relationships
  • Planning, tasks and preferred goals
  • Unhealthy team behaviours
  • Development stages
  • Secondary style influences
  • Underdeveloped styles
  • Collective strain profile
  • Harmonics & Hornevians
  • Team instincts
  • Leadership
  • Dynamics between the team and leader

The Enneagram allows for self-driven learning and intentional, powerful action and development strategies. All reports offers advice and development paths, specific to the individual or team. The Enneagram report is presented in the narrative tradition, making it easy to read and understand.


Discover more about the Enneagram and possible applications, which is suitable for any individual, team or organization.