HAPPENINGS – Mobile Engagement

Everything you need to empower staff, inspire event attendees, and reward stakeholders.

HAPPenings is our mobile technology platform. Our platform would allow us to create a personalised bespoke application, offering a range of elements that could work independently or as a part of a greater system, delivering an integrated application technology suite that is ready to grow whenever you are.


Our mobile applications would enhance engagement and interaction with your audience.

Event Apps

No event is to big or small. we can build the app that would suit your needs and budget

Bespoke Apps

Our platform can be used to build any app. This is especially suited for organisations, groups, corporates, schools and churches, wishing to create an exclusive community for interacting and communicating with their members.


hAPPenings provide custom made, cost effective solutions. Our scalable, cloud based, mobile application technology can be used to create any app, suited to your needs.

Simple to navigate & friendly to use.

Intuitive ease of use, for people of all ages and computer skills, forms the core foundation of every single app across your platform.              

Cost efficient & quick to setup

The cost efficiency you’ll see extend far beyond the superb price of the app. The super-fast  set-up and seamless integration will give you  great ongoing savings too.

Comprehensive control, across everything

You’ll feel the peace of mind which comes from knowing you have complete control over the entirety of your content… all of the time. Our applications provide up to date information, with flexible page content and structures, instant push notifications, document and pop up messages. 

Contacting people

You’re not only able to market your business or event through the app, but you are also able to network with like-minded individuals instantaneously,simply and cost effectively using the app’s chat feature.

Visit the hAPPenings website for  more information, or contact us for assistance.