Learning and Development

Guru Interventions offers a full range of Learning and Development Services.

We offer end to end service which include consultation, design and development of content, facilitation/delivery of programs and administration.


We assist organisations in defining strategic direction and relaying the newest thinking, methodologies and facilitate implementation of best practices into practical, compelling, and powerful programs that produce organizational change for our clients. We can assist our clients with:

  • Performing and leading qualitative work with clients such as stakeholder interviews, discovery and goal-setting sessions, brainstorming sessions, and focus groups
  • Recommending the correct program components, including learning content, conceptual frameworks, courses, and other training
  • Providing insight and feedback on client organizations that can be used to adjust or enhance the change program, deepen the value delivered to the client, or expand the overall client engagement
  • Providing L&D advice to individuals, teams and programs.
  • Identifying learning options, including online solutions, to support cultural change and build capability within the organisation.
  • Developing, managing and coordinating training requirements for differing levels of the organisation based on current and future capability and mandatory needs, whilst ensuring the effective management of a centralised L&D budget and compliance to legislation (BBBEE)

Design and Development

We are specialists in creating blended learning programs. We design and develop a range of programs, integrating different elements to ensure a holistic learning experience. We use a range of learning methodologies in developing our programs and always consider the learner and learning styles. We offer the following services:

  • Conducting training needs analysis (TNA) to determine the learning needs from an individual and organisational perspective.
  • Designing and developing L&D initiatives in response to changing needs.
  • Developing and implementing programs and initiatives to build the capability of our leaders.


The impact of any learning program is highly depended on how the initiative is deployed. IT is important to ensure that a supportive and conducive learning environment is created. We can assist in facilitating the process by:

  • Presenting the information, using a variety of instructional techniques or formats, such as role playing.
  • Empower enterprise SME’s to present the programs
  • Collect and analyse feedback from delegates, and advise on possible improvements that can be made to programs.


Oversee administrative tasks associated with all Company training. This include:

  • Ensuring all employee training records up to date.
  • Sourcing training materials including external training providers when required.

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