Learning Management System (LMS)

MiMOL is our cost effective, learning management solution. 

MIMOL offers the ability to use a single IT infrastructure to address various challenges facing organisations with regards to:

  •  Training Delivery
  • Communication
  • Continues Development
  • Tracking
  • Compliance

MIMOL provide the ability to provide your learner with more than just learning.

  • MIMOL could also be utilised to:Create communities

    Continuous, instant communication tool

  • MIMOL is a cost effective tool combining various methodologies and functionalities
  • MIMOL allows the utilisation off various mediums, media and social network tools
  • MIMOL allows for personalisation. Application development based on your unique requirements

Local hosting to comply with POPI regulations

Hosted in Always On datacentres. MIMOL can be accessed from any internet connection

Back-Ups done regularly and kept off-site for disaster recovery

Rapid Application development.

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