Welcome to Edgehill Holdings Conflict Resolution where we aim to facilitate the resolution of conflicts and disputes in a cost-effective, positive and efficient manner – leaving scope for future relationships to be maintained.

Guru Interventions provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services in the form of mediation, on site in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Mediation can also successfully be undertaken on-line as long as a reasonable internet connection is available, as well as telephonically.

Mediation is not only useful in resolving disputes, but can also be used before disputes or conflicts arise to manage these situations more proactively.

What facilitative mediation is:

  • Voluntary, Consensual, Informal, Flexible
  • Confidential, Without Prejudice
  • Impartial, Neutral, Independent
  • Cost-efficient, Quick
  • Provides opportunities to resolve conflict amicably
  • Access to justice without litigation
  • Relatively high settlement rate
  • Guiding parties to self-resolve conflict

Not rights- or power-based : level playing field

F-ADR can be very effective in positively responding to most disputes or conflict, including in the areas of:

  • Relationships / Divorce
  • Contracts / Partnership Agreements / Policies
  • Labour / Workplace Matters
  • Non-payments
  • Matters of legislation that provide for ADR
  • Private/Government Stakeholder Engagements
  • Environmental / Medical Matters
  • Court-referred mediation
  • Small claims

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a neutral person actively assists the Parties to work towards a negotiated agreement. The Parties remain in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of resolution.


The principal benefits of mediation are that it:

• involves a neutral third party to facilitate negotiations;

• is quick to set up and is cost-effective, without prejudice and confidential;

• is flexible, enabling the process to be designed and managed by the Mediator to suit the Parties, in consultation with them;

• puts the Parties in control (unlike litigation/arbitration);

• enables the Parties to devise solutions which are not possible in an adjudicative process such as litigation or arbitration, and which may benefit all the  Parties, particularly if there is the possibility of or need for a continuing relationship between them;

• can be used in both domestic and cross-border disputes, two-Party and multi-Party disputes, and whether or not litigation or arbitration has commenced;

• can be used for any conoflict/dispute and even proactively to reduce the likelihood of conflicts/disputes arising; and

• involves Party representatives with sufficient authority to settle if this is the objective.

Any contemplated or existing litigation or arbitration in relation to the conflict or dispute may be started or continued despite the mediation, unless the Parties agree or a Court orders otherwise. If settlement terms cannot be agreed through mediation, the Parties can still revert to litigation or arbitration.

The Mediation Process

The Mediator has extensive analytical skills and experience and can not only assist with drafting Agreements following the Mediation process but can also provide a critical opinion of any document whether or not as a part of a Mediation or not (for example contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc)


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