Technology Solutions

Edgehill Holdings offers a range of technologies that enable our clients to reach their audience in a cost effective way. 


Our technology enable us to apply the newest learning methodologies and deliver targeted content to different users. Our solutions is fully customisable and we offer a range of implementation options that is suitable for organisations of any size. Our solutions is

Our holistic approach means we ensure proper alignment between content delivery, strategic objectives and learning methodologies that take into consideration the learner and end user.


Learning Management Systems.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a cost effective, cloud based solution that is easily scale-able offering a host of application options.Our system is fully customisable and we have a range of implementation options which makes this suitable for organisations of any size .  Our LMS allows organisations to:

  • Centralise all your learning administration in a single place
  • Integrate with with your HR value chain
  • Audience segmentation
  • Full range of reporting and tracking abilities
  • Gamification enabled


 Mobile Technology.

Mobile technology is fast changing the way in how businesses are interacting with their clients. In recent study in the UK it was shown that using a smartphone to make telephone calls, is no longer 1 of the top 10 functions people use their phones for. Other research also indicates that mobile users surpassed desktop users in 2014. Reasons for this shift in behaviour include:

  • The security and privacy of mobile apps
  • More satisfying user experience
  • The applications offered by using location based services
  • Emergence and dominance of the Internet of Things

In the space of learning, mobile technology is also radically redefining the way in which training can be delivered. M-learning refers to technologies and applications installed in mobile devices to facilitate learning and sharing of information. It is gaining popularity among employees and companies as the advanced features of mobile devices lend good support to daily business activities. M-learning helps overcome time and location constraints imposed by classroom-based learning sessions. It enables rich interaction among trainers and learners, which enhances search capabilities, and enables effective learning.

Corporate m-learning offers widespread applications for the corporate sector. It exhibits immense potential for technology service providers and mobile device manufacturers to develop apps and software. Market expansion has gained more momentum, driven by factors such as cost-effectiveness of m-learning and efficiency in service delivery from the corporate sector’s perspective. Increased use of mobile apps bodes well for the growth prospects of the market*.


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